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Our Mission

The mission of the PRCA/FRC Board and member agencies is to protect children in a safe, child-friendly environment through a collaborative approach in an effort to minimize the child victim’s trauma by:


• Reducing the number of court appearances;

• Efficiently and successfully prosecuting child sexual and physical abuse cases, providing counseling and follow-up services to victims of abuse and their families;

• Preventing the occurrence and reoccurrence of abuse/neglect through effective community services for children and families,  providing a holistic approach to prevent, investigate, prosecute, and treat victims of child abuse and neglect;

• Strengthening communities one family at a time.

Our Purpose​

1. To provide a child friendly facility with a caring and trained staff under the direct supervision of the PRCA/FRC Board to meet the needs of children who have disclosed abuse and their families.

2. To provide a multi-disciplinary team response to child abuse allegations which meet regularly. This will allow for the interaction of professionals and increase input to minimize duplication of services but will ensure prompt and ongoing services.

3. To provide case review after forensic interviews and case tracking of child abuse cases using NCA trak which will coordinate all agency information.

4. To provide a videotaped interview by a highly trained child interviewer. This feature of the program will reduce additional trauma by preventing many interviews.

5. To provide therapy and services for children and non-offending caregivers either in house or by referral with other appropriate treatment providers as well as specialized medical referral and exams.

6. To provide training for multidisciplinary team members, forensic interviewers, and medical personnel on an annual basis.

7. To achieve safe, sustainable, and healthy families and communities​​.

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