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Our History


Pike County and the surrounding areas consist of rural, socio-economically depressed communities which are underserved.  They were in serious need of a child advocacy family resource center to adequately serve victims of child sexual abuse and serious physical abuse. A child advocacy center did not exist within 50 miles of Pike County prior to the establishment of the Pike Regional Child Advocacy/Family Resource Center. Pike County and the surrounding three counties which our agency serves consist of an estimated 100,000 people. In the last three years, the combined number of sexually abused children surpassed 400, and more than 250 cases have been referred to prosecution.  

With the formation of a task force in April 2002, our community made a commitment to address these problems and find a solution. After the problem was evaluated, it was determined the formation of a Child Advocacy Family Resource Center would help to eliminate several problems and meet the needs of these children and their families. Thus, the Pike Regional Child Advocacy Family Resource Center (PRCA/FRC) was formed with the commitment to meet these needs.




The Center's board was formed in July 2003 and received 501c3 documentation in September 2003. The multidisciplinary team formed in October 2003, and the Center's purpose started to take shape in the community. Fundraising began, grants were written and a staff was hired. A publicity campaign started to educate people about the Center's purpose, and, by April 2005, a facility was located on W. Orange Street in Troy.

We also have a satellite location in Eufaula, Alabama, which serves Barbour County. The community is behind the effort to eliminate child abuse and neglect problems. 

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